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Advanced Search

Access to the Advanced Search option

  • By the Edit/Advanced Search menu (screenshot below).

  • By the Ctrl-F keyboard shortcut.
  • By a click on the binoculars (screenshot below).

  • By title search (screenshot below).

At the opening a title search is automatically launched.

  • By double-click in the timeline (screenshot below).

At the opening a time search is automatically launched.

  • By double-clicking on a channel icon (left side).

At the opening a TV channel search is automatically launched.

Predefined searches

Different searches are:

  • By category
  • By TV channel
  • By day

One click on an entry shows the TV program in the right list (screenshot below).

From a program it is possible to find all programs with the same title by clicking the right mouse button by selecting "Find other occurences" (screenshot below).

To be continued...

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